Sanitatum        Lead                  Scott Jarnagin

RIPPED           Supporting            Brad Epstein- Pelican Point Media

Tim Timmerman    Lead                  Picture Picture Films

Sightings        Lead                  Brighter Moon Productions           

Cross            Supporting            Sony Pictures/Morningstar Films

Scout            Supporting            Decipher Entertainment
Wedding Day      Lead                  Soular Entertainment/4Horsemen Films
Wish Wizard      Supporting            4Horsemen Films/Make-A-Wish
Cabin Fever 2    Supporting            Ti West- LIONSGATE
Closure          Lead                  Circle Films
The Third Rule   Supporting            Posh Films
Boulevard Zen    Lead                  Two Strike Hitter Productions
Danny Caldwell   Lead                  Marion Knott Studios
Arno's Gift      Lead                  Sage and Pitts Filmworks
I Am Singh       Supporting            3 Dimension Films
All Kids Count   Supporting            Upstart Productions
Spread Some Love Lead                  Richard Henry
2.0              Supporting            Incendiary Cinema
The Rendezvous   Lead                  Sage and Pitts Filmworks
Gamers           Lead                  Lynn Shourds
She’s A Fox      Lead                  Marion Knott Studios


Start Up          Cheryl Rask          Ben Ketai- Sony Crackle

The Orville       First Officer Kava   Seth McFarlane- HULU/FOX

Day 5             Ally (series lead)   Joshua Flanagan- Rooster Teeth

Agents of SHIELD  Lana                 Garry Brown     

Finding Carter    Karen                Jonathan Frakes & Sharat Raju- MTV

The Leftovers     Dinah                Carl Franklin- HBO

The Catch         Dahlia Bay           Julie Ann Robinson- ABC Shonda Rhimes

Castle            Michelle Twohey      Holly Dale- ABC

Medium            Autumn Colville      Peter Werner- CBS 
Dragonfire        Principal            Michael Campus






The Full Monty                 Pam Lukowski    Chico Caberet Theater
One Flew Over a Cookoo's Nest  Nurse Ratched   Pleasant Valley Theater
Of Mice and Men                Curly's Wife    Pleasant Valley Theater


Scene Study & Film Acting              Eliza Roberts

IMPROV                                 Groundlings
Scene Study & Film Acting              Will Wallace Acting Company
Film Acting
(ongoing)                  The Ardavany Approach
Commercials                            Killian’s Commercial Workshop
Voice Training                         Per Bristow Voice Method
Movement/Dance                         5 Rhythms Dance (Gabrielle Roth)

Masters Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences   CSU, Chico

Kempo Karate, Firearms, Horseback Riding, Weight Training, Yoga, Freeform Dance, Medical Terminology, Aerobics

Southern, British