Philanthropic Projects

Stephanie is the VP/co-founder of One World Foundation, currently launching the Baan Unrak Weaving Project created to help this children's village in Thailand to flourish.  The mothers and community locals weave a stylish and unique yoga-esque pant called the Suk Pants and 100% of the profits are returned to Baan Unrak.  To support this cause, please visit


BAAN UNRAK weaving project


Stephanie is the co-creator of Wish Wizard, a film made to fulfill the movie wishes of 4 Make-A-Wish kids.  Star-studded with talent such as Morgan Freeman, Ed Bagley Jr., David Koechner and Judith Hoag... these kids were able to realize the full potential of their wishes and experience what a real Hollywood movie is all about. 


WISH WIZARD, the movie