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    The driving force of my 15 years in film & television, with 30+ actor credits and a handful of films I've produced or written, is to tell stories that reveal the deeper meaning of our lives: raw and real, pained and gloried … stories that paint the secrets of antiquity on life’s canvas and urge us to perceive our lives in a vaster more sacred context. Whether in front of the camera, behind, or on the written page, I long to cast a unique ripple through these scripted tales such that each viewer is inspired to discover something more extraordinary within their own lives and in the world at large. ~Stephanie



    "My eternal playground is the embodiment of characters I'll never get to play in life."

    DAY 5 - in a post-apocalyptic world where sleep kills, Dr. Ally struggles to survive and save. (14 episode tv series on AMAZON.)

    Film/TV highlights from STARTUP (Netflix), MARVEL's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., DAY 5 (Amazon) and many more.